What is Uplift?

Uplift is the process of self-improvement of a nation with the help of an over-government, like the Primary Coalition, to build stage by stage, assist the society we live in, and achieve the advanced stage of a stellar civilization. What is Stellar Civilization? Stellar Civilization is a civilization based in space and is no longer […]

The Game of Influence

Sometime in the early 1980s, I met a man named Fritz; I met him at a game night of risk. Later on, we started a game club to play tabletop Napoleonic war battles. We worked together, talking strategy and thinking about game rules and game concepts. I built a board game call Tyranny. With the […]

Primary Protocol

The Primary Protocol is an idea that has taken thirty-one years to write. It was the inspiration of a vision and the belief in my ally, Quantum Prime. With this belief, I was able to push the work through to the finish line. The core idea was the democracy of control, in which real power […]