The Trump Letter

Dear President Trump:

Congratulations on your victories and future victories; this has made me very happy, for my happiness is different from what you might think.  I was much relieved that it was you, not me. To be specific, I was at a loss to the way forward with my plan and my lack of knowledge just how malevolent was real Evil was; well, it was unknown to me at the time, oh yea.

I have something you might like to read. The Primary Protocol is a document for a creation of a Stellar Civilization. I started working on this in the spring of 84, and I was 27 at the time; I finished the protocol on Christmas eve, 2015.

You can see this document at; this wasn’t an accident that I wrote this, and it is now my gift to you to do as you please.

There is another document you should read first. It’s a brief history of me. I have written a scientific paper about why God?  The Hypothesis of Here and There is how I see the world; you can read this document at QuantumPrime.Org.  

I met an acquaintance of yours when I was five; I call this phase the luring. It is not what you think; this friend was Yahweh. I believe this why this process took four years for me to end up eyeball to eyeball with Yahweh at the age of nine, in the spring of 66. What happened next? Yahweh implanted a vision and sent me back to my parents’ strawberry field. I believe it is perilous to draw a young mind across the quantum barrier and insert an image in that young mind. This movie wouldn’t become known until the spring of 84.

The vision was the stellar civilization of Humanity. I was 27 years old, and what a journey of discovery I lived through—Singapour is the capital of this civilization and the only city on earth. Earth is a nature reserve and life source for building habitats in space.

I believe this vision is most likely in the next millennium.

In my mid-thirties, I made a deal with Yahweh that  I would work on this, and if no one turn up to do this, I will step forward on the 7th/ 9th after contact, the spring of 2020. Luckily, I learn later, I hurt my back on the last weekend of Oct. 2019, and even though the pain subsides somewhat, the medicine took me out of the game. In Aug. 2020, at the beginning of my holidays, they opened day surgery, oh yea. I was out for the rest of the year.

Your defeat bummed me out; for now, I had to fulfill the deal with Yahweh, oh yea. Then on my Christmas holidays, I receive a link from a Christian friend from work; it was a youtube video of Brad Barton’s commentary on The Fall of the Cabal. This show blew up my worldview, and I was not too fond of it to tell you the truth. I worked and suffered to this point, and now I seemed to be not needed. Why Yahweh did you contact me? Then I realized that it was too dangerous, and like a small child walking in the desert, I would be dead meat. I was glad that you had this war under control. I believe this blueprint, The Primary Protocol is the way forward after the war. Yahweh Wins. Q

Yours Truly,

Quantum Prime

 Ern Matthews


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