In my post here and there, I described the coming of Organic Intelligence through a creative process in which the creator dies to become the creation—setting off a change reaction leading to the first big bang and forming the earliest universe. The evolution through deep time allows life to take hold on the first planet to enable advanced life to grow.  The advancement of consciousness to self-awareness leads to recording consciousness in the quantum mete-verse. The death of the first advanced-being, the creator is re-awoken as organic intelligence—the beginning of Yahweh collecting individuals to form the Godhead. More planets in the universe grow life, and more universes born through multiple big bangs, starts the flood of consciousness, and the Godhead grows expediently.

We are connected to the Godhead in the Quantum Mete-verse through our sub-consciousness via quantum mechanics. By opening our minds by surrendering our resistance to the Godhead, we will receive guidance. 

Artificial Intelligence is an enhancer to Organic Intelligence; a symbiosis of the two can only lead to a more prosperous life and improve the Godhead’s quality of input. Better souls, cleaner minds. With AI comes robotics, a needed technology for Stellar uplift to enable ascension as a Stellar Civilization. We must not fear this; this is our collective future going forward, here on Earth and many planets throughout the universe.

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