What is Uplift?

Uplift is the process of self-improvement of a nation with the help of an over-government, like the Primary Coalition, to build stage by stage, assist the society we live in, and achieve the advanced stage of a stellar civilization. What is Stellar Civilization? Stellar Civilization is a civilization based in space and is no longer bound to the surface of a planet, a society free of extinction dangers.  

We would have to become a more advanced society than we now have—a civilization based on the concept that the “individual is sovereign.” The core of this Civilization is Education, Security, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The development of organic intelligence (children) as sovereign beings, to think freely, sees the world as it is, to avoid toxic ideologies. Anything to do with autocracy is toxic. A libertarian society of minimal government intrusion assisted by robotics and artificial intelligence as an enhancer to organic intelligence brings a more fulfilling life to its citizens.

Security is an essential part; without it, there is no order, too much, there is no freedom; freedom leads to greater creativity. Greater creativity leads to solutions, and solutions lead to Ascension’s final goal as a stellar civilization. For this reason, all facets of our Civilization must be embedded with oversight to prevent predatory tendencies of the rich and powerful to harm us.

A more advanced AI and robotics must enhance this complex society’s management, eliminating inefficiencies of delivery and strengthening the new freedoms from want and the corrosion effects of autocratic thinking.

Stellar Uplift is the super millennial project that will transform our Civilization into a more inclusive and friendlier people. A people with hope and happiness, eager to see the future in a positive attitude, not in the sour outlook we have now.  

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