The Game of Influence

Sometime in the early 1980s, I met a man named Fritz; I met him at a game night of risk. Later on, we started a game club to play tabletop Napoleonic war battles. We worked together, talking strategy and thinking about game rules and game concepts. I built a board game call Tyranny. With the help of local fellows and with Fritz, we were starting to design an internet game.

Then I had a falling out with Fritz over politics. He discovered I wasn’t left-wing, like him, anymore. I had secretly joined the Conservative Party of Canada; he didn’t know I was right-wing years ago after becoming religious after the vision. I became upset because he suddenly moved to Thailand, taking my hand-painted Russian Army with him. One day I decided to build my own online game; I did not know how to program, so I decided to work out the game design on paper. I had already designed and wrote rules for my board game, so I had experience in what was needed to make a game flow. I mean by flow is a turn cycle without any cheating or significant flaws following the concept of Keep It Simple & Silly (Fun).

I call the new game “The Game of Influence.” At first, I had decided to use real people as game pieces and the nation they live in as the board. I had designed a democratic world government. After learning the cost of development, I set the game aside and wonder what to do next.  A year later, I had time to waste at work. I would doodle with my calculator. One night I did this 100/7=14.28571428571429. What a funny number, so I typed in 7*14=98; this led me to develop this (4*14.5) + (3*14) =100. I just invented Primary Democracy. I also realized it would be easier if I would decide to build the game as a real-world democracy.

The next step I dug through all my files for notes I had jotted down over the years; after going over them, I discovered early childhood writings about the contact with Yahweh. A moment of clarity struck me. I saw what I decided I had to do. On December 25th, 2015 was the deadline I had set in the summer to finally write a copy of a working plan to build a Stellar Civilization built on a foundation of the Primary Democracy. I worked hard on it almost every night and day up to the last hour, and at 1 am December 25th, I printed the first copy of the Primary Protocol.

I was ready, a man with the plan I knew would not work unless by some miracle I could convince the nations of the former British Empire to see it as a way forward to a better future. It really would be nice if India and Great Britain would be the starting core of nations to embrace the Primary Coalition of Sovereign States. Something has to happen to make this idea a world option for a better future.

Well, four years later, the world changed; we are under attack by a communist/fascist Autocracy Coalition of nations, corporations, NGOs to destroy western civilization. They are using dirty tricks short of a military exchange. They were attacking us with a combined strategy of division, misinformation and weaponized Bio-warfare. Worst of all is our own citizen’s treason as they try to sell us out as slaves to the highest bidder. This betrayal by billionaires has got to stop, and only an over-government like a Democratic Primary Coalition of Sovereign States can put the brakes on the autocratic re-set. This Primary coalition of light vs. the league of darkness must fight the war of apocalypse soon, or else all will be lost, forever.  

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