Manchurian Candidate

Oh My God, how can they be so stupid, to think that faking something like a pandemic could be used to defeat the American president without anyone noticing? The repercussions will be far-reaching, like who is responsible for this trickery? The short answer for me is this has the fingerprints of the Chinese Communist Party all over it, not just the pandemic but also the riots, all this damage to elect a Manchurian candidate.

More than ever, the free world needs to band together to stop the autocrats from doing damage to our civilization. We must return fire; we must seek out the enemy in their lairs and close with them. Time has come to mobilize the armies of light and crush the forces of darkness.

Today, the proof is coming; covid19 does not exist. When this happens, a worldwide cry for revenge will flood the internet, and there will no place for evil to hide.

Today I will state this, would any of this have happened if the Primary Coalition excised? No, it would not.

Please consider my job offer; the funding is all that is stopping me. Let me be the white knight, and I will slay the dragon.  

Ern Matthews

“Quantum Prime, who resides in the Quantum, your name is sacred, your light has come, and it will be done, in here as in there, always forever, I Am.”

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