The Job Application

I am submitting this post as a job application to build the Primary Coalition to defeat Autocracy. CCP is at the centre of this shit storm that is coming; we have seen their opening moves with the CCP Pandemic of 2019-2020. The infiltration of the world institutions, spreading the Chinese Communist Party’s autocratic ideology, pumping dangerous drugs into western cities, threatened small nations’ intimations, and selling debt to countries that can’t afford it, the building of bases throughout the southern pacific and India Oceans. There can be no peace when dealing with autocrats.

The unification of foreign and military affairs is the only way to counter an autocratic power like CCP. We had to do it twice last century, and we will have to do it again soon.

As we have seen with the CCP Pandemic, there is another threat we have to deal with, homegrown Autocracy. These idiots are everywhere, whether outside or internally controlled; the question is, how do we defeat them? By creating another over-layer of government to keep the national governments in check. We are elected directly by citizens within the many coalition countries, focusing on three areas, Foreign affairs, Military deterrence, and finally, Stellar Uplift.

Uplift is about building a stellar civilization, not just for the first world but for all humanity as one world. We have heard the terms New World Order, Old World Order, but I don’t think most people know what this means. Old World Order is the legalization of war from 1625 to 1929; New World Order is the illegality of war from 1929 to the present. In a 1984 twist, when people now say the evil New World Order, what they are thinking is technology-enhanced Old World Order. We should drop both terms and use Autocracy against Stellar Civilization, for the two are incompatible. One is closed and hierarchical, and the other is open and networked.

The uplift protocol within the “Primary Protocol” can control and stop national government abuses from occurring, prevent over taxation, shutdowns, unilateral changes to constitutional law.  The uplift protocol is a guidepost to stellar civilization, built by a coalition of countries, not by the direction of one nation or the cabal of secret organizations or the unelected world organization based on the autocratic ideology.

Now the job application; what is needed is funding either as small donations or a group of interested benefactors. Small contributions will be accepted using the link to GoFundMe, but with the benefactors, a face to face meeting would be necessary sometime in London to work out the plan of action.

A lot of action needs doing if the world is to shake off this cloak of tyranny from our backs to the required justice to start fresh a human stellar civilization. Let me warn you if we lose this fight now; the result will be devastating; there can be no turning the cheek in this conflict. We must be ruthless to the wicked.

Please consider what I’m offering the world’s salvation and the very bright future for our great-grandchildren times ten. We are the founding generation to one of the greatest stellar civilizations to have risen in a long time. Quantum Prime has taken a great interest in this time of our need, and the groundwork laid down in our past has to be respected, and the belief we are not alone in this fight.

Ern Matthews


“Quantum Prime, who resides in the Quantum, your name is sacred, your light has come, and it will be done, in here as in there, always forever, I Am.”

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