Here and There

The Hypothesis of Here and There

There was the Void; without light, it was black; without movement, it was timeless. Then the Void slowly became aware. At the moment of self-awareness, Quantum Prime contracted, becoming the first point of self-replicating Quantum energy. It filled the Void with expanding energy. For the first rule of Quantum, nothing can exist. The act of creation by an unknowable power. Creator became the creation. The death of one for the love of the many ceases to be aware. The energy kept on coming and coming, expanding, due to self-replicating energy, pressure waves began to form. The power became dense, and the waves became more prominent and hotter.

In the Quantum meta-verse, the pressure of the expanding waves energy The wave’s trough fell beyond a point where it dived as a massive cone of dense energy because of the pressure of the expanding waves energy. The cone snapped back as it reached its maximum momentum, leaving behind the tip as it breaks off from the retracting cone.

The tip loses heat, starts to freeze, and contracts into the four powers, becoming particles; a big bang has occurred. Forming a bubble of space-time more than 300 million light-years across, filled with a dense mist of *₁ dark matter, ₂ dark energy, and a whiff of baryonic matter. The first Universe is born, a first of many to come. (*₁ may not exist, ₂ dark energy may be quantum energy of the Quantum Universe pushing our Universe apart at accelerating expansion.)

When our Universe came into being at our big bang, we became here, and the Quantum metaverse became there. As our Universe expanded, dark matter became less dense. One hundred million years after the big bang, baryonic matter began to contract to form the first ultra-large blue stars, and there was light. Photons from the new stars turn the opaque dark energy into translucent space, creating spheres of clear space around each star, expanding outwards at the speed of light. With so many blue stars and the Universe still small, it wasn’t long before all space was clear.

It was not too long before the first star went ultra nova. A star this big would live less than a million years, making all the matter needed for life. What a light show that would have been.  The ultra-novas left behind massive back holes as seeds, and 1 billion years after the big bang, galaxies proliferation began with the giant black holes in the centre of each galaxy. In our galaxy, the Milky Way, from the dust made from the first stars, the second generation stars are born, and 9.2 billion years after the big bang, our star, Sol, was born.

4.6 billion years later, I am born here.

Quantum Prime, otherwise known as Yahweh “The God of Abraham,” is there, not here. I know this because I was there not here for four years—every night from 1962, age five to 1966, age nine crossed the Quantum divide between our Universe and the Quantum-metaverse by Yahweh. I call Yahweh Quantum Prime because Quantum Metaverse is where Yahweh resides and Prime. After all, Yahweh is the Prime Intelligence of the Quantum Metaverse.

Quantum Prime started in the Void and, in the act of creation, ceases to be present as a God of Creation but became the creation.  The re-awareness of Quantum Prime begins with the evolution of life. The moment the first self-aware being of the 1st Universe enters the Quantum Metaverse in death. Quantum Prime came into being and grows; with more self-awareness,  I am as Quantum Prime, there, and here, just as others before me.

The awareness of life recorded in the quantum metaverse; is how Quantum Prime sees, hears, and feels the life in this Universe, other universes, and previous extinct universes, back through deep time to the first Universe. Quantum Prime understands our condition from the experience of prior awareness and the self-awareness of advanced beings, grown-up through the evolutionary progression of deep time.

Ask Quantum Prime for guidance, and you will receive it. Do not ask for what cannot be given, for the laws of existence cannot be broken.

The Luring

One night in 1962, I felt a presence, a feeling; it was a pleasant feeling. I felt happy, and I fell asleep. The luring was beginning.

Each night after this, the feeling would get more intense. In the centre of my awareness, increasing pressure, each night, until later sometime else was added, an electrical tingle throughout my body. It was continuing, every night, until a low base vibration appeared.

Again all these sensations would increase until one night, with the senses at an extreme level; I entered the Void.  First, I noticed that I did not have a body, but I was aware of being awake. With my awareness, I saw the Void as blackness, without any trace of light. Over time, each night, the sound would grow in loudness, then in front of me, a pinprick of light appeared, and I was not alone.

As the light approached, all my sensations and sound would increase. The light grew in size as a ball of light with bluish-white shards like crystals shooting off light as a sparkler would. The ball of light grew in size as it got closer, until on the final night in 1966, the ball of light was so large it filled my field of vision.

In its presence, I felt bliss, awe, the happiness I would not feel again. Then it happened; the ball of light began to rotate clockwise, and there it was a great eyeball of light, an iris of blue light, and a black void of a pupil. We stared at each, what seems like a long time, and then it rushed me.

Then it was over; I was standing in a strawberry field looking back up to my bedroom window, terrified.

I was traumatized, I would never be the same again, my childhood was over, and I would become a “surly teenager,” but at the age of nine. When I became an older teenager, I started to ask questions, what was it? And why did it happen to me? It would take me another eighteen years since contact to answer these questions.

I believe, after a half-century, I have concluded. Our self-awareness is grown here and recorded there. When we die, our self-awareness here ends; it will continue there. Our recorded self-awareness will become self-aware in an instance after we die. When that happens, we are Quantum Prime.

The Revealing

Eighteen years after the last contact, the reason for Quantum Prime’s communication became clear to me. I was at work doing my job when the revealing occurred, A dream that seems to last minutes in time, but less than a second, but in real life, so fast that my work’s motion wasn’t affected. It was like a light flicker.

Only years after did I realize that in 1966 Quantum Prime had downloaded a zip file into the brain of a nine-year-old child, only to be revealed later in a 27-year-old man’s mature mind.

1984 was the beginning of my quest, a journey of discovery, frustration, despair, and hope; The hope of many futures, hundreds of years from now, a gift of hope, a belief on solid ground. In the end, I would write the Primary Protocol on December 25, 2015, my blueprint to the future.

My vision in 1984 begins with only my awareness, floating in the black “Void” of space, then slowly, I turn left. There I see the sun in the distance and before me planet Earth, beyond these spherical structures like pearls strung out behind and far beyond Earth. As I drift closer to Earth, I turn right and look down on the planet; I then slowly drift towards it. I could only see the lights of one city as dawn was approaching in the Pacific; it was Singapore, and beside it was a large spaceport. As I  floated down and approached Singapore’s metropolitan city, I began to feel the time was slowly moving backward, faster, and faster till it became a blur, and then the vision ended.

My analysis of the vision is this; the structures behind the planet are evidence of an advanced Stellar Civilization. Seeing only one city during my night view of the Earth, Singapore tells me that the rest of Earth is a park. The planet has reverted to its natural state. Lastly, Singapore is the Capital of this advanced Human Stellar Civilization.

The Awakening

One year after I wrote the Primary Protocol, the British people voted to leave Europe. I was so happy, for I knew the British had pulled a historic trigger. I had awakened, from a dream, groggy from waiting for history to catch up. Then the realization set in. I have no money, I live in Salmon Arm, and I have no influence; this was a problem.

What I do have is a story, and stories are powerful. A great story can shape history, and an epic story can change the world. I have an epic account, and this is my power.

In January of 2019, I got a bit of critical advice from a close friend. “You’re a nobody mill worker living in a backwater town away from any county that matters, who wants to read your ideas, no one. Politics is the slow route to change; no one will care. I’ve been thinking about this for a while,” Larry said, “I think you should talk about the story’s religious part. You should find someone religious to help you with this because you’re not going get anywhere talking to Politicians”.

He was right, I need to come forward and talk about Quantum Prime and the vision, and the rest will follow.

The church I saw when my mom drove me to kindergarten; for some reason, I would stare at it as we went by it; drawn to it, I wonder with awe; maybe this is where I will find my mentor. So at the end of winter, I would go to the new church that replaced a former one to seek my destiny.

The first priest was interested but wouldn’t be back in four weeks. Because this church no longer had a full-time clergy, three temporary clergies are rotating weekly. So I waited a month. When I went back, the priest was sick and wasn’t there. The next week I went to church and met the Bishop; we became instant friends; he agreed to help me as long as I did what he assigns me to do. He was forthright and honest, not agreeing with my perspective, but as someone who will kick my ass if I didn’t follow through, just the man I needed. He was the reason I’m writing this story; without his guidance, I’ll still be wandering in the wilderness.

“Quantum Prime, who resides in the Quantum, your name is sacred, your light has come, and it will be done, in here as in there, always forever, I Am.”

Ern Matthews

Quantum Prime

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