Primary Protocol

The Primary Protocol is an idea that has taken thirty-one years to write. It was the inspiration of a vision and the belief in my ally, Quantum Prime. With this belief, I was able to push the work through to the finish line. The core idea was the democracy of control, in which real power only comes directly from citizens.

What is a citizen? A citizen is someone who has the legal right to put roots into the land via habitation. Therefore, someone responsible for the earth is the direct duty of the care of the land they are responsible for as a citizen.

The next step was to build another government layer over and above the national governments under direct citizenship control. From a stellar civilization point of view, this power arrangement must blend networks and power. The pyramid of the decisional making process must be flat to allow the full use of social networks.

This process works like a game, a fun process for all citizens involved. First, the sovereign state’s borders must be hard, like the walls of a room, with doors to control access. The roof and outer walls belong to the over government, owned by the sovereign states’ citizens. Unifying defense and foreign policy to an over government will cut costs and unify strategies to build the stellar civilization and bring humanity to the ultimate step. With this in mind, I give you the Primary Protocol.

Primary Protocol

The over government senate is four parts; the Counsel of the Primary, the Senate of Peers, the Senate of Proportional Representation, and the Star Chamber. The Senate is voted in by a process called the Primary Democracy, as written in the Primary Protocol.

In the primary protocol, the planet becomes divided into sections. The boundaries aligned on the natural features of the land and water.

Starting with the oceans, Section One is the Pacific; this includes all the islands east of Australia and east and north of Indonesia.

Section Two is the Atlantic; this includes the islands of the Arctic, Baltic, and the Mediterranean.

Section Three India includes Australia and Indonesia and all the islands west to Africa and including the Red Sea and Persia Gulf.

The major rivers will divide the landmass and ridges connecting the rivers. The boundaries should be able to be seen with one’s eye. Seeing gives ownership to the beholder.

The next step is representation; it must be fair and equal. To do this was a tricky problem, but one day at work, the answer came in a doodle.

100 / 7 = 14.2857142857, which led to (14.5% * 4) + (14% * 3) = 100%

This equation eventually led me to the Primary Democracy of the Primary Coalition, the democracy designed for one-world government; this puts all the power into the citizen’s hands.

The political class becomes into three groups of colour; Red, Yellow, and Blue. Called the primaries because they are three primary colours, hence the democracy and the coalition’s name.

Each section in the Primary Democracy becomes represented by its separate primaries. Each Primary includes factions of citizens who have primary residency in each section. Primary citizenship must be inside the Primary Coalition. Citizenship outside the Primary Coalition would not be recognized.

The red and blue primaries are the colours of choice and can choose which faction can join and stay in their primaries. The yellow Primary cannot choose because all factions start in the yellow Primary.

The default colour for all citizens is yellow. To be red or blue, you must belong to a red or blue faction. When you don’t belong to a faction, you are a non-factional yellow citizen, and you get one special vote in the election.

Each Primary Section elects twelve seats in the Senate of peers and ten seats in the Senate of proportional representation.

The elected twelve senators of peers will serve nine years, and nine senators of proportional representation will also serve nine years. One will serve only three years in the Star Chamber of the Senate of proportional representation.

The elected assembly is divided into three groups with one group of seven plus one up for election every three years. Called the Primary Third Year Election Cycle.

On January 1st, Primary Time Singapore, of the third year, all factions will become locked to their primaries, and citizens’ movement to and from factions is still allowed.

On the spring equinox, Primary Time Singapore, all citizens memberships are locked to their faction, and their votes become counted automatically. A 1% primary income tax to fund the Primary Democracy assigned to each factional citizen for three years.

Summer solstice, the non-factional yellow citizens can vote for their choice’s primary colour or not vote—no tax on income.

The Autumn equinox is the end of each primary candidate selection process starting after the summer vote. In the Primary Democracy formula, each primary colour will receive the spring and summer total proportional votes.

The voting descends from the percentage of the vote each colour has received; for example, Red gets 25%, Yellow gets 37%, and Blue gets 38%. Blue wins the seat in the Star Chamber inside the Senate of proportional representation for the highest percentage of the vote.

  • Blue wins the first seat in the Senate of peers, 38 – 14.5 = 23.5
  • Yellow wins the second seat in the Senate of peers, 37 – 14.5 = 22.5
  • Red wins the third seat in the Senate of peers, 25 – 14.5 = 10.5
  • Blue wins the fourth seat in the Senate of peers, 23.5 – 14.5 = 9
  • Yellow wins the first seat in the Senate of proportional representation, 22.5 – 14 = 8.5
  • Red wins the second seat in the Senate of proportional representation, 10.5 – 14 = 0
  • Blue wins the third seat in the Senate of proportional representation, 9 – 14 = 0

Blue has won three seats in the Senate; then, each blue faction can elect three candidates to the autumn equinox election. The primary leader of the winning blue Primary will also sit on the seat in the Star Chamber, representing the Primary Section.

Red and yellow each have won two seats; each of their factions can nominate two candidates to the fall election.

At Autumn Equinox, each primary factional member will vote on a preference voting of seven from nominated candidates. The seven selected will advance to the winter solstice vote.

On the winter solstice, the factional members will vote from the seven candidates their autumn vote selected. Red votes for two candidates, Yellow votes for two candidates, Blue votes for three candidates, and the remaining candidates will stand as alternates.

December 31st, midnight, Primary Time Singapore, the factions and faction memberships are unlocked; the 1% income tax will be in force from January 1st of the first year to December 31st, three years later.

The following week in Singapore, the elected and alternates are registered and sworn into office.

Singapore is the Primary Capital of the Coalition. Eight hours west is London, Atlantic Command, the second capital, and eight hours to the east is Vancouver, Pacific Command, the third capital.

The Senate has three Sections of Control. Located in the Primary Capital of Singapore is the Senate of Proportional Representation, including the Star Chamber and the Primary Forces’ Executor General.

The Senate of Peers will govern in the Second Capital of London, Atlantic Command.

The Third Capital of Vancouver, Pacific Command, is the third section of the Senate, the Counsel of the Primary.

The Counsel of the Primary is the leadership of the Primary Coalition. While the Senate term of office is nine years, the Counsel of the Primary is double at eighteen years. The long-term service for the Senate’s three sections is necessary to promote long-term thinking and strategy.

There are eleven Leaders in the Counsel of the Primary. Seat allocation by election from the ranks of “The Senate of Peers,” in London. Within the Counsel of the Primary, a majority of the Leaders will promote one of the eleven Leaders as Over-leader. This selection will repeat every three years after the third year election cycle.

For the Senate of Peers and Counsel of the Primary, refusal of promotion is not an option; to do so is to forfeit the Senate’s membership, and the candidates and alternates of that election year will move up one spot.

The Over-leader is the decider, with restrictions. The Over-leader only votes as a tiebreaker. Only the Over-leader can issue the Executive Order to the Executor General, but only if based on the Senate’s protocols. The Executive Order is valid only with the signatures of at least five other Leaders of the Counsel of the Primary. The Executive Order will allow the Executor General to act on behalf of the Primary Coalition.

The Executor General submits a protocol as a draft to the Star Chamber and the Counsel of the Primary. A secret consultation process will begin between the three groups, Star Chamber, Counsel of the Primary, and Executor General. The Star Chamber must vote before submitting the protocol to a vote by the rest of the Senate of Proportional Representation.

The proportional vote represents the total population of the coalition’s sovereign member states inside the representation section. For example, 120,302,933 million people, rounded up to the next million, 121 / 10 = 12.1, each seat in the Senate of Proportional Representation of this section, their vote will count as 12.1

Then the protocol moves to the second vote by the Senate of Peers. Their vote will count as one. The percentages of the vote of both upper and lower Senate combine, a total percentage vote of 100+ is a Grand Majority. The protocol is sent to the Counsel of the Primary for a minimum of six signatures with “The Primary” voting with the majority or as the sixth signature. Rejection by the Counsel of the Primary, the protocol returns to the Star Chamber. When the vote is 100, then the tiebreaker vote is cast by “The Primary.” A poll of less than 100 and the protocol returns to the Star Chamber.

The Executor General can only issue orders, to the Primary Forces, based on an Executive Order from “The Over-leader.”

The Star Chamber appoints the Executor General.

I design this Senate this way to prevent the pyramid of power from forming and keep the citizens involved in the Senate’s decision-making. “The essential first step towards stellar civilization”

The defense and foreign policy; the two go hand in hand to unify strategy against the massive threat to our freedom from the autocrats’ rising tide. The small nations of the world need to band together to cut costs and unify our defense. Like the lone wolf, it is weak. Still, as a pack, it is powerful, like a pack of like-minded nations, joining together as a coalition of sovereign states taking the next step in statecraft and form the next layer in democracy, the Primary Coalition.

The second step is Stellar Uplift; this is a direct connection between the Primary Coalition, the over government, and the smallest unit of government, the village. The village, townships, small cities, overlooked parts of larger cities; these are the world’s forgotten people. With direct investment through low-interest bonds and long term oversight, with an investment in primary life skills education—direct supervision against law enforcement corruption and public service malfeasance.

An ambitious project, yes, it is. How are we going to pay for it?  Only the sovereign states can directly tax the citizens; for this, they are subject to elections. The elected and the civil services are employed by the citizen to work for the government. Now that the sovereign states collect the taxes, historically, problems occurred with taxpayers’ spending. In some sovereign nations, this has been a severe transfer of wealth from citizens to elites.

I’ve decided that the best way to combat this kind of corruption is a tribute of 1% of any public expenditure by government, paid by the recipient and collected by the governments, then transfer to the Executor General, on behalf of the Primary coalition and forces.

The Executor General is responsible for the audit and public posting of all government spending. It is for this reason that autocratic governments will not be allowed to exist in the Primary Coalition.


Democracy is on the move, and as more nations join the coalition, the autocratic governments and their old-world thinking will become fewer and fewer.

How does this start? It starts from the ground up, believing in the message, we will begin spread over the internet to the entire world. We will demand change and the creation of the Primary Coalition. We are initiating a founder’s conference, the writing, and the signing of the Primary Protocol.

Then hold the first Primary Democratic election to form the Primary Senate; after the Executor General’s appointment by the Star Chamber, the founding nations will transfer control of all foreign affairs departments and military forces to the Executor General’s command. The transfer is a simple swearing-in ceremony, but the business will be as usual. The new look and streamlining will be done gradually to prevent any social shocks and disruption. The same process will occur for any nation that later joins the coalition.

The danger that lies ahead for the coalition is the three hegemonic nations controlling the world at this present time. The three republic nations of China, Russia, and the United States will resent us as a threat to their power, but we must persevere.

These three nations have held the world hostage with their military buildup and wars for the last seventy-five years. Two countries are democratic republics, and one is not. Of the two democratic republics, one has reverted to the Old World Order, joining the other autocratic old world order republic forming the new axis of darkness against the new world order republic, the Americans.

Help is on its way; we will push back the autocratic darkness to create the Primary Coalition of light. By unifying the world’s militaries, to be controlled by one government, we will end war and genocide forever. We will end autocracy forever. We will end the lack of education forever.  We will end hunger forever. We will expand natural habitation forever. We will strive towards stellar civilization and save humanity, with a generational ascension to the heavens, leaving behind a planet reverted to its natural state, forever.

“Quantum Prime, who resides in the Quantum, your name is sacred, your light has come, and it will be done, in here as in there, always forever, I Am”

Ern Matthews


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