An Epic Story of War and Conquest

The Inter Caetera was a papal bull issued by Pope Alexander VI on May 4 (quarto nonas maii) 1493. Which granted to the Catholic Majesties of Ferdinand and Isabella (as sovereigns of Castile). The lands to the “west and south” of a pole-to-pole line 100 leagues west and south of the Azores or the Cape Verde islands.”

Allowing the Spanish and Portuguese to build empires and getting one hundred years head start over the other nations. Other nations, especially the protestant nations of the English and the Dutch and the catholic French, thought otherwise.

1602 the Portuguese government sent an armada of warships to the East Indies to attack and drive out the Dutch who were threatening Portuguese monopoly over the Asian spice trade. At about the same time, the Dutch East India Company sent a fleet of eight ships to trade with the native populations in East Asia.

When the Dutch arrived in the East Indies, they saw their trade post at Ambon wiped out, and the Portuguese brutally terrorized the native population. Outraged by the atrocities, the Dutch fleet prepared to retaliate.

After three months searching for the Portuguese, on the night of February 24, 1603, three Dutch fleet ships reached the Johor River’s mouth off the straight of Singapore, dropped anchor, and waited. During the first night, the great treasure ship Santa Catalina dropped anchor beside the Dutch vessels. In the morning, the elated Dutch attacked the Portuguese ship, demasted and captured it. The Dutch then towed the boat to Amsterdam.

On September 9, 1604, the Dutch Admiralty Board declared the seizure a “good prize” and ordered it sold at auction. The auction yielded thirty-seven and a half tonnes of silver or 3.5 million guilders. That’s $89.2 Million in 2019 US Dollars or $118,488,820 Canadian dollars. a lot of money!

The shareholders worried about the seizure, insisting that the Dutch East India Company was not a freebooter operation. To address these worries, they assigned the lawyer Hugo Grotius to generate a way to make legal future captures.

In 1612 the Dutch began to settle trading posts in the East Indies and, by 1620, began to conquer native territories.

The Dutch West India Company was started in 1621 and was mandated to settle fruitful and unsettled parts.

The first families arrived on Manhattan Island in 1624

In 1625 Hugo Grotius published the three-book volume “The Law of War and Peace” This is the beginning of the Old World Order.

In short order, this became the new international law of the European states and Empires’ beginning. With the new law of the Old World Order, the other countries now have the rights needed to build their empires.

What is this new law? And how did it change the world?

First, let’s talk about natural rights.

All human beings are born with the natural right to defend their life and property. To enforce their agreements and punish crimes with violence, the use of private war is a natural and primordial response to injustice.

We still see private war today as in organized crime, in the tribal regions of the world, and retribution crimes.

Private war is dangerous.

Individuals banded together to enter the social contract of a sovereign state and replace private war with courts to protect their lives and property, enforce their agreements, and punish wrongdoing. This arrangement is called civilization; violence in the state is illegal.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to the high seas and uncontrolled territories outside of a state. The Americas and the Spice Islands of Australasia at the beginning of the 17th century are examples of this.

Old World Order is all about trade and the allocation of booty.

Before the Old World Order, the only law for the property’s sale was the fundamental roman law of “One cannot give that which one does not have.” A stumbling block to world conquest and gathering in the booty of the new world.

Hugo Grotius is the father of international law; by writing the book of the law of war and peace, he ended the hygienic wars; the mass killing of a people to eliminate the population from a conquered territory.

In its place, he wrote;

  • Individuals have rights.
  • Native peoples have rights.
  • Trading companies have rights.
  • There is a right to wage war to defend all these other rights.
  • The Might is Right principle states that success creates legal rights in war.
  • Title transfer is legal when the property when seized in conquest.
  • Casus belli – the event that justifies the war. The Old World Order rewards conquests made for unjust causes and just ones because there was no other choice. In the Old World Order, with the commitment to the principle of Might is Right, abuse was inevitable. Without any international court, if war is legal, Might is Right, even if it’s wrong.

War has become a legitimate method for sovereigns, and their chartered trading companies, to enforce rights against each other. To win derives from this primary function of war, the right to wage war, conquer and seize booty, and destroy anything necessary.

Calling in loans, using treaties to take land from native populations, killing citizens by a foreign power, refusing to sign a treaty, or not trading with its trading companies is grounds for war.

Let us take, for example, of this behaviour by the United States government.

After two decades of treaties and refusal to sell territories, the US placed a military force on Mexico’s border; Mexico, outraged by US demands for territories, attacked a scouting unit.

The US invaded Mexico in 1846. In two years, the US army killed tens of thousands of Mexican soldiers to conquer five hundred thousand square miles adding Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona and California.

Not the first war of mass casualties; another war, forty years earlier on a grand scale, took place in Europe when a General named Napoleon Bonaparte seized France’s nation’s control. Plunging the world into the first global war, a mass war, a war of maneuver, a total war. The deadliest conflict in history for soldiers. In Russia, the battle of Borodino was the apex battle in the Napoleonic Wars; visualize a large jetliner full soldiers crashing in a field of one square mile, once every minute, from dawn to dusk. Borodino is where Napoleon lost his army, not in a retreat in the Russian winter; a story Napoleon made up to cover up his losses due to his campaign’s lousy generalship.

More than a hundred years later, another tyrant, Adolf Hitler, will use the same excuse. But the result would be different, one is a war criminal, and the other was not. For in the Old World Order, Napoleon didn’t break any laws; his wars were legal. They could not kill him for starting the war, so they stuck him on an island. He broke out and started another war and lost, and they stuck him on another island. You could kill ordinary people, but not sovereigns.

Each war became more significant in the killing, as seen with the rifle’s invention during the American civil war, the last major conflict of maneuver.

After the civil war, America was on the move again, finalizing the last treaties of the so-called native problem and then turning towards the Pacific, taking the Philippines and using gunboat diplomacy, forcing Japan to open up to American trade. Then into China with the rest of the Empires, feasting on the carcass of the Chinese Empire.

Japan notice that the new empires were operating on international law and wondered what it was. They sent out emissaries to the West to find out, and there they found Grotius and his Law of War and Peace. The Japanese worked hard to catch up to the West. In 1905 sunk the Russian navy, the world took notice.

The Great War of 1914 started with a pistol shot in a backwater nation. The war had changed, but the leaders’ thinking the Napoleonic war of infantry manoeuvre was still valid. However, with railways, artillery and machine guns, the pendulum had swung to firepower over manoeuvre, the era of mass infantry attacks was over. By 1918 three empires had died, and two were broke, but two were rising.

The Old World Order set the ground for the privilege to use war, divided into four categories; Rights of Conquest, License to Kill, Gunboat diplomacy, Neutrality as impartiality.

War crimes are The use of poison, Treacherous Assassination, Rape, Hygienic War.

Not War Crimes: Enslavement of POWs, Torture, Pillage and Devastation, Intentional killing of unarmed civilians.

While the “war to end all wars” did not accomplish that, the war’s legality was ending.

The Outlawry of War

On August 27, 1928, the General Pact for the Renunciation of War, signed in Paris, was designed to outlaw war, known as the peace pact; this treaty was ratified by nearly every nation globally. War, for the first time in history, had become illegal the world over.

The transitional period started when after the end of the Great War at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, the great powers divided up the losers’ territories, Japan got a few islands, and Japan noticed the slight. After the signing of the peace pact of 1928, Japan did not take it seriously for the old Empires were able to keep their lands, lands that were made larger after the war. Japan felt crowded out by the other powers and after annexing Manchuria and being criticized by the new League of Nations. Japan renounced the New World Order and reverted to the Old World Order. In 1932 Japan attacked China, the ostensible start of World War Two. Now the Autocrats make their move.

Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany withdraws from the Peace pact in 1933.

Under the control of the fascist leader Bonito Mussolini, Italy noticed that no one responded to Japan’s leaving the peace pact and decided it was time to build the second Roman Empire. 1935 Italy attacks and, in 1936, conquer Ethiopia.

1939 Germany and Russia attack Poland. The French Empire and the British Empire and commonwealth declare war on the axis powers. 1941 Germany attacks Russia, 1942 Japan attacks the US. The United States joins the allies and forms the United Nations against the Axis Powers. 1945 The United Nations defeats the Axis powers.

The trials that follow the war spelled the death knell of the Old World Order. As the five lead defendants in Europe, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, and Hermann Goring on charges for starting a war of aggression; but in a few days, the first four were no longer able to show up to stand for trial. Setting a precedent Hermann Goring and others responsible for planning the war of aggression, a vital part of the 1928 Peace Pact, were found guilty and were given the death penalty and hanged. Later the responsible Japanese leaders met the same fate.

With the United Nations in control, a new regime was in place to litigate disputes between nations, and an International Court to judge the wrongdoers.

The New World Order prohibition on Force stated in the four principles; Conquest is illegal, aggression is a crime, No coerced Agreements and Sanctions are permitted, is the exact opposite of the Old World Order.

1950 a few months after the Korean War had started, China committed significant war crimes based on the New World Order. China invaded Tibet. Breaking the first three principles; Conquest is illegal, aggression is a crime, No coerced agreements. The United Nations, like their predecessors, were war-weary and divided on autocratic, democratic lines that failed to sanction the war crime. Still, they were able to stand up to the war of aggression by North Korea and later China in defence of South Korea. It was clear the autocrats were not willing to give up on the Old World Order, and to this day, the struggle continues. [ * ]

“Quantum Prime, who resides in the Quantum, your name is sacred, your light has come, and it will be done, in here as in there, always forever, I Am”

[ * ] Epic Story of War & Conquest is a condense version of the Book “The Internationalists” written by Oona A. Hathaway and Scott J. Sharpiro (c) 2017. Most of the text is from the book, it was condensed to be presented as a speech, with some text from me to help with the flow of the speech.

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