The Trump Letter

Dear President Trump: Congratulations on your victories and future victories; this has made me very happy, for my happiness is different from what you might think.  I was much relieved that it was you, not me. To be specific, I was at a loss to the way forward with my plan and my lack of […]


In my post here and there, I described the coming of Organic Intelligence through a creative process in which the creator dies to become the creation—setting off a change reaction leading to the first big bang and forming the earliest universe. The evolution through deep time allows life to take hold on the first planet […]

What is Uplift?

Uplift is the process of self-improvement of a nation with the help of an over-government, like the Primary Coalition, to build stage by stage, assist the society we live in, and achieve the advanced stage of a stellar civilization. What is Stellar Civilization? Stellar Civilization is a civilization based in space and is no longer […]

The Game of Influence

Sometime in the early 1980s, I met a man named Fritz; I met him at a game night of risk. Later on, we started a game club to play tabletop Napoleonic war battles. We worked together, talking strategy and thinking about game rules and game concepts. I built a board game call Tyranny. With the […]

What Is Autocracy

A government in which somebody or party holds unlimited power without any check on corruption or rule-making without citizenship involvement. The usual suspect is autocratic socialism; this covers National Socialism, Marxist Socialism, Fascism, Feudalism, Communism and Democratism.  All but one is most likely know by most people as an evil intent to enslave people as […]

Manchurian Candidate

Oh My God, how can they be so stupid, to think that faking something like a pandemic could be used to defeat the American president without anyone noticing? The repercussions will be far-reaching, like who is responsible for this trickery? The short answer for me is this has the fingerprints of the Chinese Communist Party […]

Here and There

The Hypothesis of Here and There There was the Void; without light, it was black; without movement, it was timeless. Then the Void slowly became aware. At the moment of self-awareness, Quantum Prime contracted, becoming the first point of self-replicating Quantum energy. It filled the Void with expanding energy. For the first rule of Quantum, […]

Primary Protocol

The Primary Protocol is an idea that has taken thirty-one years to write. It was the inspiration of a vision and the belief in my ally, Quantum Prime. With this belief, I was able to push the work through to the finish line. The core idea was the democracy of control, in which real power […]

The Funding and Social Media Links

The post will list all the funding links, the links to social media pertaining to Quantum Prime. The Campaign to create  the Primary Coalition. The management of the Primary Democracy and the expansion of the coalition, as well the formation of the Quantum Prime Society. 1.GoFundMe This is the site of my first fund raising […]